ETO Vacancy

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24 months
3 months
5000.00 USD/monthly
ETO VSL’s type – AHTS DP2; Wages – 4500/5000 USD per month; Contract Duration: 3 months; Area of sailing – Angola; Join date – mid July; Comments: The candidate must hold Electro-Technical Officer’s Unlimited License and DP Maintenance certificate; Minimum obligatory experience – 24 months on AHTS DP2 vessels actual onboard in the rank of ETO. Experience in static towing and tanker lifting operations is obligatory. Non-smoker candidates are obligatory; Age Limit – 45 years old; Please apply with: Please apply with: Updated CV with the details of sea service; 2. COC and Endorsement and all valid STCW certificates; 3. Passport copy; 4. Seaman’s book and DP Log Book copies of all pages with the details of sea service evidence of each vessel as detailed on CV; 5. References from previous employers; 6. Medical certificate; Send your CVs to or get hired faster: